During a Flood

What you should do

It is important to react quickly and calmly when you or your property is at immediate flood risk. If you are prepared and have followed the ‘Before a Flood’ guidance, you are best placed to react effectively.

If you haven’t followed the ‘Before a Flood’ guidance, you can by clicking here.

There are 3 levels of flood warning provided by the Environment Agency.

You can sign up to receive flood warnings, or call the 24 hour Floodline service on 0345 988 1188.

Weather Warnings

The Met Office has a responsibility for providing weather warnings for the UK and issues Severe Weather Warnings to warn of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption.  Warnings are issued through the National Severe Weather Warning service, available on the Met Office website:


It is recommended the homeowner signs up for Severe Weather Warning email alerts, also available on the Met Office website:


Environment Agency Flood Warnings

Flood Alert Icon

Flood Alert:

Ensure you have your PFR measures and any tools or fixtures ready.

Active your personal flood plan, think about the early steps you can take to prepare.

Get your key items ready and prepare a list of additional items should you have to leave you property.

Keep aware of local weather forecasts for your area on the Met Office website.

Monitor the local rivers and sea on the Environment Agency Website.

View live flood warnings for your area on the Environment Agency website.

Keep up to date with the latest situation – call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or follow @EnvAgency and #floodaware on Twitter for the latest flood updates

Flood Warning Icon

Flood Warning:

Fit any Property Flood Resilience Measures to your property.

Turn off gas, water and electricity.

Move important items, valuable items and furniture upstairs.

Move your car to higher ground if it safe to do so.

Do not drive through flood water.

Ensure your family and pets are prepared and in a safe location.

Keep up to date with the latest flood warnings and situation in your local areas through the Environment Agency website, news and media.

Severe Flood Warning

Severe Flood Warning: SURVIVE

If you are in immediate danger, call 999.

Follow the advice of the emergency services.

Avoid walking and driving through flood water.

Keep your family and pets away from floodwater – it may contain heavy debris, sharp objects, open manhole covers, sewage and chemicals.

Wash your hands if you’ve been in contact with flood water which may contain toxic substances.

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